Presenter Handouts/Materials

Presenters have the option of supplying handouts in a digital format that attendees may print out prior to the conference or access on mobile devices.  Please see below for available digital material.

We will be adding additional material as it comes in throughout the week after the conference.

Richard Boyatzis; Coaching for Inspiration, Motivation and Engagement.

PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Jennifer Britton: Expanding the Coaching Conversation & Coach Training to Teams & Groups – Virtually


Group Notes

Mary Cravets:  Their Success is Your Success: Why and How to Teach Your Coaches to Get Clients

PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Can’t Wait to Get Clients Student Handout

Their Success is Your Success, by Mary Cravets

Deborah Mayer: Creating Visual Metaphoric Learning of ICF Core Competencies

PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Coaching Process Diagram (pdf)

Pam Van Dyke: Group Coaching Competencies: What’s Needed?

PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Jayne Warrilow: The Business of Coaching: Future Opportunities & Challenges

PowerPoint Slides (pdf)