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ACTO, the Association of Coach Training Organizations, originated as a place for owners of coach training organizations to develop standards and support each other in enhancing coaching skills, coach education, and training. While that cross-organization collaboration is still an important part of ACTO, our organization’s mission has grown. In 2018, ACTO developed a “Stand” for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  Actualizing ACTO’s new mission is taking time, courage, and perseverance as we learn to live into and model the Stand. We invite you to join us as we broaden our scope to include newer coaching and training approaches that serve our increasingly diverse global community. Our goal is to create a more expansive and inclusive future for coaching and training.

ACTO is evolving into an association for coaches, coach trainers, and coach training organizations. This provides a space where coach trainers, coaches, and coaching students can have an active voice in shaping the future of coaching and coach training.

Since implementing the ACTO Stand, the association:

  • Welcomes all coach training organizations, coach trainers, individual coaches, and student coaches as members
  • Remains committed to supporting coach training organizations to network and learn from each other
  • Ensures a wide range of diverse identities and geographies on the ACTO Board and ACTO Committees
  • Encourages progressive perspectives about the future of equitable and accessible coach training
  • Invites collaborators who take coaching and coach training deep into communities, modeling the reach and impact of culturally responsive coaching
  • Supports coach training organizations to integrate culturally responsive and progressive practices into their curriculum, hiring, and recruiting practices.
  • Provides thought-provoking educational forums in English and Spanish
  • Hosts an accessible annual conference featuring more culturally diverse presenters and coaches with a wide range of perspectives than any other coaching organization to date
  • Provides scholarships annually to two coaching students who want to positively impact society by working with underserved and/or historically excluded populations, and
  • Provides a space for students, individual coaches, and coach trainers, to network, collaborate, and help shape the narrative on coaching and coach training as ACTO stands for an open, inclusive, and co-creative space.

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