Scholarship Recipients


Terri B. California, USA

“Coaching came into my life at a time when I was seeking guidance. My experience being coached was transformational for me at a time of need, and now I’ve come to see the beauty of coaching no matter where one happens to be in their life. It recently dawned on me that I could actually become a coach myself and impact people‘s lives in transformational ways. So I made the commitment to myself that I would do just that. I was grateful to learn about the ACTO Scholarship because regardless of outcome, it signified the importance of coaching. Now that I’m an ACTO Scholarship winner, ACTO is an integral part of my story and journey in professional coaching. I am committed to this new practice and so excited for this chapter of my life. Thank you so much to the ACTO Scholarship Committee!”


Joelle M. Beirut, Lebanon

“It is with much gratitude that I accept the ACTO scholarship. I’m thankful for the opportunity to begin my coaching journey here in Beirut and I’m very excited about where this road will take me. I appreciate ACTO’s commitment to support those getting started in the coaching field and for making it possible for me to make a difference. Thank you!”