General Questions:

What is the fee structure to be a member?
ACTO has an annual membership fee.  Coach Training Organizations pay $325 for ACTO membership.  This fee covers all faculty and 6 additional staff memberships as well.  Individuals may join ACTO for a fee of $100.

What’s included with member benefits?
ACTO membership includes:

  • Free attendance at the monthly ACTO Forums.
  • Discounted rate for attending the annual conference.
  • Ability to support the coaching profession by joining committees to further coach education, such as the Education Committee, Ethics Committee and Coach Trainer Competency committee.
  • Access to a global membership of professional coach training organizations to share ideas and innovations.
  • Support for navigating ICF changes, such as the PCC Marker forums.
  • Input into the ACTO Code of Ethics for Coach Training Organizations. Members will also be able to benefit from the Ethics class that is planned to roll out in 2019.  Any member can use this to teach Ethics to their students.
  • Input into the ACTO Trainer Competency document. A ‘train the trainer’ class is also being developed to help members ensure their trainers are being the best they can be.
  • And more! See:

What is the difference between organizational and individual memberships?
Organizational membership includes 6 additional faculty of the member organization. Individual membership is for one person only.

How many representatives are organizational members allowed?
Six additional faculty members are covered by an organizational membership.

How do I join the ACTO newsletter list?
Go to, scroll down and fill out the form.  In addition, if you register for an ACTO event such as the monthly forum or PCC Marker forum, you have the option of signing up for the newsletter.  All members are automatically signed up for the newsletter upon becoming a member.  To unsubscribe from the newsletter, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.  Problems with your subscription?  Email and we’ll help!

Is membership right for me if I am a coach and not a training organization?
ACTO is designed to support coaches and coach trainers. If you are looking for a place with coaching webinars, conferences and conversations at a senior level, then ACTO may be a good fit for you.

How do I choose the right coaching school for me?
You’ve come to a good place to start your search!  See our member list to find a coach training organization that abides by the ACTO Code of Ethics and is committed to excellence in coach training.

What’s the difference between Credentials and Certifications?
Credentials are awarded by a regulatory organization such as ICF or EMCC based upon amount of training and experience.  Certifications are awarded from a coach training program upon meeting all certification requirements and graduating.

I’d like to be a speaker at an ACTO Conference.  Where do I start?
A good place to start is our page on Speakers for the upcoming conference: to get a feel for what we are looking for.  While the conference is being planned, you will find a speaker’s application at the same place.

I’d like to be a speaker at an ACTO forum.  How do I do that?
Contact us at and let us know!  Your information will be sent to the Education Committee and we’ll contact you to get the process started.

Where can I learn more about this year’s ACTO Conference?
As the conference is planned, information is placed on our website here:

 Member Questions:

Where can I find the recordings of the forums?
Recordings of all ACTO Forums are archived and accessible by all ACTO members here:

Where can I find the Coach Trainer Competency Document?
The Coach Trainer Competency Document is can be found here:

How do I join an ACTO committee?
One of the benefits of ACTO is the opportunity to make a difference in the coaching profession, and an easy way to be part of that effort is to join an ACTO Committee!  There are several Committees and Task Forces that support Coach Training, choose the one that best fits your strengths and interest by emailing us at

  • Conference Committee: Creating the annual conference experience that benefits coach trainers and senior level coaches world-wide.
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Culture Committee: Developing dialogue and resources to support schools, organizations and coaches to forward ACTO’s Stand for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in the coach training profession.
  • Education Committee: presenting monthly forums to raise the level of coach training, as well as coordinating the PCC Marker forums.
  • Ethics Task Force: Working on defining a code of Ethics for Coach Training Organizations.   The first draft is complete and being validated. This Task Force is also working on an Ethics class that will be shared with members
  • Expansion/Membership/Communications Committee: Reaching out to members and potential members to ensure ACTO is well represented globally, and members are supported and gaining great value.
  • Scholarship Committee: Creating managing a program to assist potential students finance their coach training.
  • Sponsorship Committee: Finding sponsors to help support the conference, ensuring top quality speakers and presenters
  • Trainer Competency Task Force: Working to define the competencies a coach trainer and educator should be able to demonstrate in order to fully support the education of coaches worldwide.  The Task Force is currently refining the first draft and working on a Train the Trainer course.

Where can I find the ACTO code of Ethics?
The ACTO Code of Ethics is currently being validated by the Task Force.  The working draft can be found here:

Additional Ethics documents can be found here:

Where can we share and download best practices?
Best Practices can be shared in our Virtual Open Space forums that are in the process of being established.  In addition, the Coach Trainer Competency document found at outlines best practices.