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About ACTO

ACTO Core Values

We uphold the strong values of any good organization:
Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, Intellectual Property, Accountability, Transparency, Stakeholder awareness, Ethics and Respect
… and more:
Cultural awareness and engaged relationships
Fostering a spirit of “coopetition”

ACTO Code of Ethics

10 important principles that guide every member towards contributing to the mission while respecting every other member and sharing best practices

ACTO Bylaws

Our bylaws support our spirit of collaboration and coopetition.

Download PDF of ACTO Bylaws

ACTO Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Intellectual Property
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Stakeholder awareness
  • Ethical
  • Respect

ICF Core Competencies are standards of behavior when serving or representing ACTO.

Cultural Awareness:

  • Global mindset for coach education
  • Respect the diverse culture, customs, and methodologies of member schools
  • Multiple credential entities contribute to the legitimacy of coach education.
  • Coach education is relevant and accessible to everyone on the planet.

Engaged relationships.

  • Joy is foundational to ACTO work
  • Community of learners as members

These Core Values should be useful in interpreting guidance for making ethical decisions.

ACTO Code of Ethics:

  1. Embody and fully live the ACTO core values in all behaviors and activities of our individual schools.
  2. Use our teaching and coaching expertise to realize ACTO’s mission while respecting the individual nature of each member.
  3. Do not solicit members for personal purposes and do not use the contact information provided on the website and at events to send mass mailing without the written permission of the ACTO president.
  4. Conduct all of our teaching, coaching, and education which align with the ACTO values, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to other ACTO members, and our students.
  5. Promote recognition and respect for all member schools that benefit the world coach education community.
  6. Offer best practices to provide information for member schools to engage in continuous improvement for the sake of all.
  7. Honor the trust that member schools have with one another and not do anything that will bring disfavor or reflect adversely on other schools.
  8. Not seek privilege or advantage from other member schools to advance our own school. Members will offer full attribution for any and all Intellectual Property that is used from other schools.
  9. Teach Coaching and Ethics in all coach education curricula in a manner that allows our students to know what to do in the event of ethical challenges.
  10. Abide by the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics and Ethics Pledge.