How Do You Know if a Coach Would Be a Good Coach Trainer

An ACTO Task Force developed an initial list of competencies to help you hire and develop your faculty

The attached document was created by a task force of Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) members who own or are senior faculty of training programs accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The intention is to define the competencies a coach trainer and educator should be able to demonstrate. The document will be provided to coach training organizations and schools as a resource to use for hiring, evaluating, and developing faculty.

Part I includes a compilation of competencies identified by expert sources (list of sources on page 5). These competencies have been validated so there is no need to re-create the work. The list serves as a foundation of fundamental skills for trainers. The list is not absolute, but the team felt it was comprehensive after reviewing multiple lists available by the expert sources. This list can be considered the foundation, or even pre-requisite for the specific Coach Training Competencies detailed in Part II.

Part II builds on the previous list identifying additional competencies specific to coach trainers in conjunction with current professional standards. The domains include Personal and Interpersonal Capacities, Coaching Knowledge, and Learning and Instructional Skills specific to coach training. The lists were researched and created by different subgroups of the task force. The Task Force feels it is a good starting point for defining competencies coach training schools can use for hiring and developing their trainer teams.

Part I Compilation of Trainer Competencies from Expert Source …………                       page 2

Part II Competencies Specific to Coach Trainers …………………………..                              page 6

NOTE: The term Coach Trainer in this document includes the activities of those who define themselves as Coach Educators. The focus of this document is to define the competencies and behaviors expected by the person delivering both training and education to students seeking to become competent in the use of coaching skills however they choose to use the skills outside of the coach training school, in-house coach training program, or academic institution.

Task Force Members:

Task Force Chair

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC
Healthcare Coaching Institute,
Director, 2017 ICF Global Board

Task Force Members

Dave Buck, MCC, CoachVille Coach Training
Mohamed Bahgat, SeGa Group
Marion Franklin, MCC, Life Coaching Group
Cathy Liska, ACC, Center for Coaching Certification
Lynn Meinke , PCC, Institute for Life Coach Training
Linda Page, PhD, Adler Graduate School
Peter J Reding, MBA, MCC, Coach For Life
Juliann Spoth, MCC, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
Kathy Harman, MCC, Success Unlimited Network