ACTO Committees

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Board Development Committee develops procedures to support the robust functioning of the board.

Chair : Shareefah Sabur


  • Oversees a nomination process.
  • Aligns the board’s learning and development.
  • Reviews committee alignment with ACTO’s mission, values and stand.

Education (Conference, Forums and Research) ensures quality education and skill to serve members with competence & professionalism.

Co-Chairs : Virginia González-Vélez Valcarce, Johan van Bavel and Sukari Pinnock-Fitts


  • Provides monthly forums.
  • Oversees development of the Annual Conference.
  • Supports research initiatives.

Membership distinguishes offers and services within the industry and community to grow ACTO membership.

Co-Chairs : Sharon Brown and Eileen Laskar


  • Support member services and benefits to sustain membership satisfaction
  • Advance membership growth.

Professional Responsibility & Ethics develops and reviews standards to promote competence and professionalism in coaching.

Co-Chairs : Jim Smith and Johan van Bavel


  • Ensure that ACTO’s initiatives are aligned with best practices.
  • To support the ethical behavior, and training standards to ensure highest degree of professionalism.

Communications & Community Relations develops strategic communications of our public persona that reflect and shape the industry.

Chair : Vikram Bhatt


  • To ensure our mission and message is congruent within our industry.
  • To expand the public’s awareness of ACTO by facilitating communications that are timely, complete and accurate.