ACTO Committees

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  • Provide high quality training through the monthly forums.
  • Create a consistent vetting process for forum speakers.
  • Procure a diverse group of forum speakers.


  • Create training for ACTO members on the ACTO Code of Ethics
  • Create a Train-the-Trainer to help ACTO members teach the ICF Code of Ethics
  • Next steps for implementation of the Ethical Review Process


  • Determine a theme for the  conference
  • Create a plan for attracting presentations that align with the theme
  • Review RFPs, select and prepare speakers and conference schedule
  • Manage logistics, activities and budget for conference

Diversity, Power, Privilege, Rank & Culture

  • Actualize ACTO’s Stand in our organization and in the member-schools we serve.
  • Produce a principles and priorities document to support ACTO and our member-schools in moving towards cultural competency, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging.
  • Cultivate mutual understanding by engaging our own self-work for the sake of creating a common background with the support of an outside resource.
  • Organize a resource library of different perspectives and approaches to discuss, evaluate, curate, and catalog.
  • Research and develop a resource map that can support a developmental pathway for members.

Global Expansion

  • Continue to explore what ACTO needs to do to ensure we are meeting the needs of coach training organizations globally.
  • Identify and establish offerings that will best support our members and enroll new members in non-English speaking areas (consider forums, conference, etc).

 Marketing and Communications

  • Collaborate on Social Media and Email Campaigns and Ideas for ACTO Website (updates, new pages)
  • Improve communications with members and reach prospective member schools.
  • Website experience is not required.


  • Support current member schools by expanding and improving benefits to meet their needs and requests.
  • Create a deeper sense of belonging and community among member schools.


  • Announce the opening of the Scholarship Application Process each February including web & social media posts.
  • Review, discuss and ranking the applications once the application period has closed in April;
  • Recruit a “Selection Committee” to review candidates in the top tier of the applicant pool, and submit recommendations to the Scholarship Committee for final review and selection;
  • Select and announce the Scholarship Award winners each June.

Trainer Competency Task Force

  • Use the ACTO Trainer Competencies and the completed Seminar Objectives to create a powerful two or three-day seminar for coach trainers that models and teaches best practices for coach training.
  • Determine a timeline and details for the first (trail) Train-the-Trainer Seminar.