By Micki McMillan, MCC

This past week, Blue Mesa Group’s CEO and ACTO’s President Micki McMillan and 19 other coaches from around the world attended the first Professional Coach Certification assessor training through the International Coach Federation.

ICF has launched an improved assessment system which enables assessors to objectively determine the competencies of the coach.  The inaugural assessor cohort completed the on-site portion of training where they learned the new system of evidence-based assessment. This change in assessment begins September 2014.

“It has rigor, evens the playing field, and enables the candidate to know what he will be assessed for,” explains Micki while speaking about this improvement. “When a candidate passes or fails, he knows exactly what markers he demonstrated, and those he missed. The ICF competencies have not changed. Forty-seven markers have been identified for the competencies, all behaviorally and objectively written. ”

Micki is an MCC and sees this process as a significant improvement for the coaching profession. She’s been an ICF credential holder since 2000 and began teaching and evaluating coaches in 1998.

In keeping with the principle of coaching, this addition enables the candidate to develop a learning plan for improvement, as they receive feedback about what he did and did not do to earn a passing grade.

“As a co-director of an ACTP school, I cannot be more pleased with this new system! For the first time, we, as a school, will know what and how to calibrate our curriculum so we are aligned with ICF standards,” said Micki.  “This will help our graduates enter the marketplace with confidence that their skills are solid, and they have the very best foundation to coach with excellence.”

What does this mean for the coaching Profession?

The ICF is becoming more transparent as it advances the art and science of coaching. Coupled with transparency, this change supports the advancement of the coaching profession by evidence based assessment, independent examinations, and greater inspection of the schools it accredits.