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Global Voice

Our Voice is global; together we are stronger. Together we make a difference

International Coach Federation

The leadership of both ACTO and the ICF communicate regularly to address issues that arise which have an impact on coach training and the coaching profession especially accreditation, education and advocacy for high standards and quality coach training.

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European Mentoring and Coaching Council

ACTO is developing a relationship with EMCC to share knowledge and information around the training of coaches. Together we can work towards raising the standards with regard to the quality of coach training.

If you want to know more about EMCC go to:

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Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching

ACTO is partnering with GSAEC to bridge the gap between Coach Training Organizations and Universities, believing that we share the same goal of producing world-class coaches.  We are collaborating  with GSAEC for our 2017 Coaching Conference in Toronto.

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