President’s Message: October 2020

Slow Down Your Train, Please! It's October and I am still wondering what happened to September! Have you ever felt as though you were on a speeding train and realized that it was impossible to enjoy the scenery? Or in today's virtual world, feel like your head is literally attached to your computer screen? As [...]

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President’s Message: July 2020

The Relevance of Coach Education in an Everchanging World The question of relevance as it relates to coaching and coach education has become a topic of conversation recently. What will it take for coach education to be, and stay, relevant, in the virtual world, which is no longer "a galaxy far, far away"? How will [...]

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Coaching Presence and the Power Differential between Client and Coach

Coach Power Differential: What does that mean? It means we coaches have a lot of power… be careful with it.I really do try not to ‘coach’ every second of my day, but sometimes it’s impossible not to notice the obvious red flags in coaching when they’re literally right in front of me. While at my [...]

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