The Relevance of Coach Education in an Everchanging World

The question of relevance as it relates to coaching and coach education has become a topic of conversation recently. What will it take for coach education to be, and stay, relevant, in the virtual world, which is no longer “a galaxy far, far away”? How will coach training organizations shift their model of doing business to be relevant to prospective students who are tech-savvy, invested in social justice and seeking value in their life choices? Bottom-line, how can we thrive in the current world environment?

What is the best way to “shout out” to the world that coaching is a valuable service and provides support during times of fear and uncertainty, growth and change? And, at the same time, what can we do collectively to reach more racially and culturally diverse individuals to become the coaches of the 21st century?

I don’t have the answers to these questions. Just lots of curiosity and hope. I would like to engage in a dialogue with ACTO members to brainstorm how coach education can, and will be, relevant in the future. Please contact me directly at and we can meet at everyone’s “favorite” hangout – Zoom.

Please continue to take care of yourselves.

With Gratitude,

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