President’s message: August 2019

What Does "Inclusion" Mean for Your Coach Training Program? The importance of inclusion in our coach training schools was the subject of a recent discussion I had with a colleague.  She asked me what I meant by the term "inclusion" which led me to wonder what inclusion means to each of us as coach trainers. [...]

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ACTO Diversity Committee Update

A critical first offering from our Committee as a resource for ACTO members: Please make the investment in watching this video, with speaker Dr. Robin DiAngelo.  This serves so well in providing a place for us to come from, free from guilt or shame or defensiveness and to be in a place to receive and [...]

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President’s message: June 2019

When I joined ACTO over 9 years ago, my goal was to learn how to create a bigger, better, coach training program. And at my first ACTO Conference, I felt small, and rather intimidated, to be among the best and brightest in coach education. Yet I quickly learned that ACTO members were caring and insightful [...]

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Whirlwind. That's the best word I can use to describe this year as ACTO Board President. We have moved many initiatives forward as a Board and as an organization this year. The one I am most proud of as an ACTO member, and that I believe will do the most to move the coach training [...]

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