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Samuel Gozo

In February of 2016, I decided that I wanted to deliver a service beyond traditional personal training (which I did from 2014-2019). As a personal trainer, I watched many people experience confusion and burnout after chasing things that had no connection with who they were. Their goals were more connected to what they thought they needed to become for others and society (careers, relationships, etc.) than about what they wanted for themselves. It became increasingly clear that my clients would never thrive if I simply sought out to create strong/ripped bodies, so I decided in July of 2016 to form my coaching practice and help clients find their mental & emotional “muscles.” Over these last 5 years, I’ve helped individuals in a plethora of areas including personal identity, making more money in their careers, healing from broken relationships, & breaking away from negative core beliefs & self sabotaging habits. I hold an ACC Credential from the International Coach Federation, multiple other certifications that are both ICF-Accredited & beyond, and am a Facilitator for the Certified Life Coach Institute, an ICF accredited school responsible for the training & certification of aspiring life coaches. Today, my practice predominantly serves clients in the area of leadership coaching, enabling leaders to get a complete 360 view of their strengths & weaknesses as an individual & a team, centralize around the mission of their organization, and create systems for consistent success that don’t require constant micromanagement or overbearing practices. Outside of my life coaching world, I am also a two-time World Champion in Solo Exhibition Drill (which I did from September 2005-September 2020) and also had the unique honor & privilege to work as a missionary through Far Reaching Ministries, where I was a drill instructor for the South Sudanese People’s Defense Force (March 2019-May 2020). These experiences over the last 15 years have culminated into the practice I have today, which offers leadership facilitating and leadership coaching as separate contracts to fit the needs of the individual or organization seeking my services.

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