How can you ensure that your school’s certification programs are reaching and engaging your audience?

As you know there are hundreds of certification programs available that coaches can review before making their final selection. Every day, new coaches are considering where to attend coach certification training and they’re faced with a dizzying array of training and program options.  With hundreds of coaching schools featuring various philosophies, curricula, training formats, and program durations—finding the right program can be like finding a “needle in a haystack.” Quite often selecting a certification program is an overwhelming process for coaches.

Today’s customers are also exceptionally savvy.  Your customers expect a high quality experience. Prospective students will expect to read about your coaching competencies, training curriculums, training process, instructors, materials and associated costs. But in addition to this required information it is imperative that you present a strong message that differentiates your school and programs in what’s become a very competitive market.

And—it’s no surprise that there are multi-generational challenges when considering how to reach and engage your students.  Considering multi-generations is not a new concept–it’s always been a factor.  But today it’s become more complex. There are more generations than ever in the work place! We know that different generations require that your messages are well integrated and “speak” to a blended audience, all of who use multi marketing channels differently. 

There is quite a bit to consider when designing and fine tuning your messages. Reflecting on thefollowing questions will help you strengthen your school’s presence in the coaching industry:

  • How would you describe your ideal coaching student? What are his or her special needs?
  • How do your programs help coaches achieve what they want to achieve?
  • What relationship do you want to form with your students?
  • How do coaches benefit from working with your school?
  • What does your school deliver that others don’t?
  • How do your programs create energy for your students?
  • How do you portray your school as a learning organization—otherwise, dynamic and not static?
  • How does your school provide value to students before they engage with your school?
  • Hoe does your school provide value to coaches after they engage with your school?
  • How does your school continue to support the network in which your coaches participate?
  • How does your school drive ongoing loyalty and satisfaction?

Your answers to these questions will help you clarify what differentiates your school. Armed with this information you will be better positioned to accurately describe to prospective students how they will benefit by attending your certification program.

Post contributed by Audrey J. Beach and J. Matthew Becker