At the 2019 ACTO Conference, our presenters shared their wisdom about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to open our eyes and expand our awareness as coach trainers, coaches and, most importantly, as human beings. Attendees were both excited and overwhelmed, wanting to jump into action, while realizing that they need to learn more about themselves before making changes with their teams and to their curriculum.

We are all at different levels of understanding, and acceptance, of the crucial work to be done around DEI issues, including white privilege, power dynamics, racism, sexism and implicit bias. The list could fill volumes. “Where do we begin?” was a question that resonated for many.

In search of answers, the ACTO Board has decided that the place to begin is with ourselves. Self-work is a cornerstone to introducing new and sensitive topics to our teams, our students and our clients.

Who are we as individuals?

What is our shared language?

What needs to change – in ourselves and in our lives?

How do we work effectively as a team of diverse and inclusive humans?

What can we do to model best practices for our member schools?

To dig deeper and continue our journey, the ACTO Board has selected a team of consultants as our Board Coaches to help facilitate our process of self-work and team work. Our goal is to model the experience for member schools and support each of you on your journey. We will also work together to develop a multi-year vision for ACTO to promote quality coach education which embodies the ACTO Stand for Diversity, Inclusion and & Belonging.
How will you embark upon, or continue, your self work? What suggestions and stories are you willing to share with ACTO members? Please email me at I look forward to your insight and questions.
With gratitude,