The 2020 ACTO Virtual Conference was a success! More than 200 coach educators and coaches joined together to share, learn and experience a shift in the direction of coach education as part of ACTO’s commitment to the field of coaching training. What follows my message are a few experiences of those who attended for those who were unable to attend this year.

With this Conference, we continue to realize ACTO’s Stand, specifically as stated in last paragraph, “As coach trainers, we are tasked with creating the future of the coaching profession. We commit to providing dialogue, learning and resources and to cultivating personal and organizational responsibility in alignment with this stand, at ACTO, for each of our students, members and member organizations.”

So what’s next for you? I wonder who is sitting at your “training table.” What is the makeup of your faculty and staff? It is past time for each of us to acknowledge the inequities in our organizations and create lasting change. The 2020 ACTO Conference provided quality information to review your programs, processes and practices. How can we create, and update, our coach training programs to more effectively teach our students to coach through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging?

To support you in a review, the 2020 Conference Recordings are now available to those who were unable to attend and we are offering the entire 5 days of learning for $199 USD.

REGISTER NOW for the 2021 ACTO Conference in Alexandria, VA with only a $200 deposit required. Good through June 30, 2020. Feel free to review the following testimonials as you consider the 2021 Conference.

“For me the conference was a beginning, a beautiful beginning. The kinds of conversations germinating there, and taking root, are about the foundations of coaching in white supremacy and white privilege ideology, and the movement of the coaching profession, and coach training, to greater consciousness around its DNA. And then TAKING ACTION to dismantle these ideas and assumptions, individually and collectively. The range of presenters (superb!), the brave way folks showed up in the discussions, the heartfulness and tears show the work getting real and beginning, in its pain and love and solidarity and resolve. Thank you for the gathering and for the hands joined across Zoom to work towards the transformation that is needed now.”
Kirsten Olson, EdD, PCC
Chief Listening Officer, Old Sow Coaching and Consulting

“This was my third ACTO conference and it was the best by far. There were wonderful presentations and most of all I loved the opportunity to debrief periodically throughout the conference. There were many topics I would love to hear more about I plan to go back and listen to the recordings and review the handouts. I am anxiously waiting to incorporate many of the things that I learned into my school curriculum. I am so appreciative that acto is paying such attention to identity and diversity and equity and belonging and I look forward to all the rollout of future training.”
Shareefah Sabur MNO, CDP, GPCC, BCCExecutive Director , Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. ACTO Board Secretary

“I thought the Conference worked pretty well. A bunch of content to absorb. I do hope that we get to meet in person next year. That said I appreciate how the virtual format made it possible for many new folks to attend. ”
Rob Seidenspinner CPCC, PCC, ORSCC
ACTO Member, Relationship Systems Coaching

“It was a success to do the conference online. Since I opened the computer and saw all the participants, I felt at home, in a safe place to learn and share from my being and that’s how it happened. I especially thank Jodi and my fellow board members for their humility and hard work”.
Virginia Gonzalez-Velez Valcarce, PCC, Trainer, Success Unlimited Network, ACTO Board member

From other attendees:

“The best Conference I have ever attended.”

“Of all of the Conferences I have attended lately – CAM, EMCC, ACTO – the ACTO Conference was by far the best. The best speakers, the most well organized. Great job.”

“Wow. Wow. Thank you. That Conference was amazing for so many reasons. I know it is just a beginning, but it feels like a solid and significant beginning with real potential to affect change.”

“The break-out rooms gave introverts an opportunity to really be involved, in a way that watching recordings or an in-person Conference could not.”