As a trainer focused on neurodiversity, I frequently hear from individuals who are unable to gain full access to coach training because of their learning differences, in addition to facing racial, cultural, socioeconomic and other barriers that keep them from receiving quality coach education. That’s not OK with me. How about you?
ACTO is at a crossroads – bringing our history and successes forward while also embarking on a journey to create a “new” ACTO that embraces diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in coach education. Imagine being able to deepen the impact of your coach training; reach a more diverse population, and impart on your students the criticality of shifting to a world view that can remove obstacles and open doors in all corners of the globe. Exciting and daunting, and a journey we can take together.
Earlier this month, the ACTO Board of Directors convened in Alexandria, VA for a two-day working retreat. Our goal was to improve our board dynamics and board structure; and to engage in facilitated conversations to support a process of strategic thinking and mission continuity for ACTO. We worked with a team of facilitators that provided a framework for common language around diversity, equity and inclusion and led us through a process of identifying key goals for the organization to determine priorities in 2020 and beyond.
Having the opportunity to get to know each board member at a deeper level was gratifying, heartwarming and humbling, allowing me to “see more” of the amazing and hardworking team of volunteers that keep ACTO alive. Sure, we have regular meetings on Zoom and share tidbits of our lives, but the energy in the room is quite palpable when individuals can all be in the same physical space. My thanks to all of the board members for their time and dedication to moving ACTO into a new decade!
With our conference proposal review process underway, I have been thinking about Reimaging Coach Education, a key theme for our conference this year.
  • What are the questions we need to ask of ourselves?
  • Who are the potential coaches we need to reach out to and include?
  • How will technology disrupt and be introduced into coach training?

These and other questions call out to me.

We at ACTO have a huge opportunity to shape our thinking together. I look to youour members, to share your ideas and for us to build a collective dialogue on what it looks like to reimagine coach education in the years ahead. Please email me at
With gratitude,
President and 2020 Conference Co-chair