What Does “Inclusion” Mean for Your Coach Training Program?

The importance of inclusion in our coach training schools was the subject of a recent discussion I had with a colleague.  She asked me what I meant by the term “inclusion” which led me to wonder what inclusion means to each of us as coach trainers.

When I look at the ACTO Stand, it is clear that “ACTO is committed to creating diversity, inclusion and belonging in the coaching profession through calling forth, honoring and inviting the uniqueness of all individuals and diverse life experiences.” Accomplishing this objective and the pace at which we achieve our goals varies from school to school.  We are not all at the same place in this process, and sometimes our blind spots make it challenging – if not impossible – to even know where we are which can make important questions difficult to answer. As we each move forward at our own pace, exploring the unknown and the discomfort that comes with growth and change, I challenge you to look at these questions to move your school another step forward towards inclusion.

  • What does inclusion mean for your school and your training programs?
  • What are the unconscious lines we draw between what we perceive is inclusive and what we don’t see as “necessary” to include?

If you already know these answers, great! What else might you ask yourself to take the second step forward, and so on?  The ACTO Board and committees are working to provide more resources and create more opportunities for sharing ideas and concerns around our deep dive into diversity, equity and inclusion. We do so while acknowledging that we are not all in the same place and may need some help along the way.

What can ACTO do to support your school? And, what insights do you have to share?  Email me at president@actoonline.org with your thoughts.

With gratitude and admiration,


ACTO President