Whirlwind. That’s the best word I can use to describe this year as ACTO Board President.

We have moved many initiatives forward as a Board and as an organization this year. The one I am most proud of as an ACTO member, and that I believe will do the most to move the coach training and coaching professions forward, is the creation and publishing of the ACTO Stand for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

The act of taking a Stand is the most important thing. The content is secondary; the Stand is a living, fluid statement of intention.

The Stand is also more than just words. It is designed to inspire a way of being, and created the lens which we have used in informing all our other initiatives this year: from Scholarships, to the Expansion of ACTO to other continents & countries, to the revision of our Code of Ethics, to the content of our monthly Forum calls, the development of Trainer Competencies, and of course the creation and content of our annual Conference.

The Stand bears repeating:

ACTO Stand for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

ACTO is committed to creating diversity, inclusion and belonging in the coaching profession through calling forth, honoring and inviting the uniqueness of all individuals and diverse life experiences.

In support of this stand, we acknowledge and are committed to eliminating the negative impact of personal and systemic bias, privilege and oppression, which may be conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional, overt or subtle.
As coach trainers, we are tasked with creating the future of the coaching profession. We commit to providing dialogue, learning and resources and to cultivating personal and organizational responsibility in alignment with this stand, at ACTO, for each of our students, members and member organizations.

The invitation to ACTO members is to be in the conversations, do the work and take actions to enhance their embodiment of this Stand. ACTO is doing the work to position ourselves as a resource for our member schools in taking on this embodiment.

There will be many resources available in this regard at the Conference in June. If you cannot have a representative at the Conference, I do hope that you can take advantage of the conference LiveStream & recordings. There is a $20 discount available for ACTO members. Please email acto@actoonline.org to receive the coupon code for the member discount to purchase one of these packages at https://streamofconsciousness.ca/event/acto2019/.

Thank you so much for the support of ACTO, and of my leadership this year. I look forward to our continued work together.

Warm regards,
Halli MacNab