A critical first offering from our Committee as a resource for ACTO members:

Please make the investment in watching this video, with speaker Dr. Robin DiAngelo.  This serves so well in providing a place for us to come from, free from guilt or shame or defensiveness and to be in a place to receive and learn.  It will be of value whether you were at the 2019 ACTO Conference, or whether you were not, whether you consider yourself to be “in the know” or not.  Watch this instead of the next Netflix feature on your list!

This journey is not about checking the box, “taking the training”, or competence – there is no destination.  It’s about lifelong learning and working to be better.  Among other things, it’s about recognizing and being able to hold a dialogue about issues of marginalization or privilege resulting from difference, whether it be race, gender identity, age, socioeconomic status..

Do you feel prepared to address these conversations if they come up in your classroom?  Are you ready to initiate a dialogue with your trainers?  Your students?  Your clients?  It is important, urgent, and it is what’s next in our profession.

The Diversity Committee is hard at work – with 5 useful initiatives to provide resources for our members to begin, or continue, the journey in the realm of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  These include: materials to support ongoing self work (critical at every point on the journey), a curated resource library and map, a priorities and principles document for our reference, and ways to actualize the ACTO Stand for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging personally, and into your organization.

Please also consider purchasing the recordings of the 2018 ACTO Conference, which includes 19+ hours of material to contribute to your learning in this arena.  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/actoconference2019  

If you would like to contribute to this Committee, in a small or large way, please reach out to diversity@actoonline.org and let us know.

Thank you,

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee