I hope that you have had an opportunity to review the Updated ICF Core Competency Model shared with all ICF accredited schools and attend one of the ICF webinars on the updates earlier this month.

I imagine that many of you are wondering how your school will update, and adapt, your training programs to align with the new model. As the owner of a coach training school, I have been pondering this as well with both excitement about the updated model and trepidation about getting the work done. Coaching schools have until, at the earliest, 2021 to implement changes. The ACTO Board will continue to receive updates from ICF to share with our members.

ICF will be holding a series of webinars for coach training schools to answer our questions as we grapple with the changes. Time has been allocated during the November 20th ICF Program Accreditation Update Call, at 9 AM and 6 PM EST, to field additional questions about the Updated ICF Core Competency model and share changes to the ICF Code of Ethics. Our questions and feedback are valuable to ICF and will help our schools transition smoothly.

ACTO is here to support you and your school during this transition and we are gathering questions to bring to the November calls on your behalf. Some questions we’ve received from coach trainers include:

  • What are the ICF’s expectations about how and by when the new core competencies will be integrated into our program?
  • What will the ICF want to see to measure changes in our existing programs and in new programs?
  • How do the PCC markers and the new competencies compare or work together?  Which should I use to update my curriculum and my assessment process?
  • Can I get some clarification about integrating the new core competencies into my curriculum while my trainers/assessors have not all completed the PCC marker training?

What questions do you want to ask ICF? What concerns you the most as you read through the information provided? We want to know what is important to you and your school, so please share your questions with me at president@actoonline.org and I will share them with ICF on the November 20th calls, which will be recorded.

Wishing our friends in the U.S. a Happy Thanksgiving!

With gratitude,