“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
– Peter Drucker.

Greetings and Happy New Year! Did you miss us in January? We did miss sharing about ACTO and all that is happening behind the scenes. 2021 promises to be an exciting year at ACTO but first, let us acknowledge the journey that 2020 has been.

While 2020 was an unimaginably tough year, ACTO persevered to promote excellence in coach training through the lens of the ACTO Stand on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. Every ACTO Committee made huge strides in their work – Board Development, Communications & Marketing, Membership (exciting details below) and Ethics. Have you checked out the Ethics Training for members on the ACTO website yet? We held our monthly Educational Forums and our first-ever virtual ACTO Annual Conference! We formed an Affinity Group for all white board members to explore our biases and blind spots and to explore how to become true allies. I firmly believe that each one of us must do the work on ourselves and during the process, being part of an affinity group creates a space to explore, get feedback, fall down and get up again. I highly recommend it.

By September, the ACTO conference was once again on our radar and the plans for our second virtual ACTO Conference in June 2021 are underway. And, a milestone for me – I passed the
18-month mark as your ACTO President. What a privilege to be on this journey with my president-elect, Vikram Bhatt, and the entire board in service of coach training organizations around the globe.

At ACTO, we are on an evolutionary path and 2021 promises to be a fulfilling year.

Some of the noteworthy events that will occur at ACTO over the first half of 2021:

  1. Elections. We wish to continue building our board in resonance with the ACTO Stand. We would be delighted to receive your nominations for the 2021 ACTO board.
  2. A deep dive into how to actualize a Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion stand that your organization may have created or aligned with. The ACTO board has much to offer on the same and we will keep sharing the progress in the coming months.
  3. Upgrades in the way we communicate and listen to you, our dear members. You will receive our newsletter henceforth during the first week of each month.
  4. A clear focus on sharing insights on how coach training is changing and how best to tap into the different innovations present within the coach training world.

Stay tuned to all that 2021 brings forth. And if you do wish to associate more actively, please write to us. It would be wonderful to dialogue and explore.

With anticipation and respect,

Jodi and Vikram