As 2022 draws to a close and one reflects on the year gone by, there is plenty to be thankful about and honour. We @ ACTO are grateful for your continued association, partnership and contribution to making ACTO what it is. In the years to come, we welcome your active participation and shaping the narrative around coach education and coach training. As the field of coaching is evolving, so is the way coach education is imparted, and as members @ ACTO, there is a great opportunity to participate, shape and influence the narrative as well as offer innovations within the coach training world. We welcome you to join us in one of the ACTO committees or write to us with your ideas. The ACTO board is committed to bring a powerful idea each year that has the potential to transform coach training and impact coaching and our planet. Join us, co-create with us!

2022 was a particularly challenging time for quite a few of us @ ACTO , with health challenges impacting productivity, continuity and focus. What these moments of adversity have taught us is to stand together and take responsibility for building ACTO in organic and sustainable ways. Wellbeing and life-flow (as opposed to outcome orientation and task flow) resonate more than ever. Acceptance of ‘what is’ has opened doors to possibilities. Collaboration, allowance and patience has contributed towards managing uncertainty. More than ever, we need to stand together, learn together and inspire the best in us. Moving ahead, ACTO will endeavour to spread this message and spirit and seek collaboration with other coach training bodies and groups.

The work put in by the previous board to streamline ACTO processes and translate the stand into inclusive engagement is gradually bearing fruit. The membership @ ACTO is expanding across the globe and there is conscious effort to facilitate greater participation in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

The conference held online/virtually in September 2022 was a great success with participation from more than fifteen countries and with over 150 registrations. Deep gratitude and thanks to our wonderful speakers and presenters who shared their wisdom, passion and personal stories to enlighten us. Recordings for the conference are available to the registrants and I would encourage you to access them and use them to expand awareness and perspective for your students and graduate community.

We are set for greater engagement and impact globally in 2023. Join us, partner and celebrate with us all that brings out the best in each of us. We together have the potential to shine light through dark and challenging times.

With respect,
Vikram Bhatt