As I near the final half of my two-year presidency, I am thinking about my journey with ACTO and the highlights of my 10+ years of membership in this outstanding organization. What prompted me to join ACTO and attend an ACTO Conference? A mentor told me about this amazing conference where I could connect with other coach trainers, including many of the leaders in the field, and learn strategies to improve my first CCEU training program. It’s not that there was anything wrong with my program. Students loved it. What was missing for me was a clear understanding of what more was possible and how to step into my power and create a program that spoke to me.

What I learned at my first ACTO conference was not exactly what I expected. It was better!
I made friends. I found my “tribe.” I learned about different coaching methodologies and had opportunities to network with other coach trainers to learn, share and get support. Lots of support. It is a great feeling to know that competing organizations can shift to a place of “co-opetition” and work together to inspire excellence in coach training, now through the lens of the ACTO Stand.

I often tell people that ACTO is like a family to me and that is the truth. ACTO conferences are the highlight of each year, filled with new ideas, challenges for growth, and an opportunity to be with our ACTO family. This year, at our first virtual conference, we made great connections and deepened our learning. The Education/Research Committee will be expanding that effort in 2021. ACTO membership provides much more than the annual conference and, in early 2021, our Membership Committee will be unveiling additional member benefits to enrich our ACTO experience.

As we wind down 2020, I thank you for your support of ACTO and I wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a healthy and fulfilling 2021.

With gratitude,