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Dirk-Jan Haanraadts

My hope for all: being able to do the daily dishes with a peaceful mind. I am trained as a Life Coach by the Leadership That Works in their Indian program called Coaching For Transformation. I was born and raised in The Netherlands. I have a Masters degree in History from Erasmus University Rotterdam. I went to a screening and fell in love with an USA-based filmmaker. I moved to Portland, Oregon to be with him, and later Los Angeles. Once in LA I worked in the film industry and as the Operations Manager of a meditation center. My spiritual longing and quest became the center point of my life instead of the arts. To deepen my spiritual practices I lived in a strict ashram in India for 5.5 years. India has become the 3rd country I have strong roots with. I decided that life coaching is a part of my calling, one of the ways that I can give back to others what my studies and practices have given to me. I know the power of transformation from my own experience - and am convinced anyone else can. For the past couple of years I have been splitting my time between Mumbai (where my husband lives) and Los Angeles. My life has been ruled by teachers - those folks that guide, entice, challenge, provoke, and protect. Sure, there are the obvious ones - the math teacher; the scout master; the professor; the Guru; the filmmaker; etc. But whatever they offered would have gone to waste if I had not had the willingness, the tenacity, the thirst to study, practice, and apply their teachings in my daily activities. 

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