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Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership

Abraham Maslow is among the top ten most cited 20th century American psychologists. He was most known for his renowned ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’. His thought processes and connections to the human experience were undoubtedly beyond his time; that’s why so much of what he had to say resonates with us and with our clients.   Maslow’s belief in human potential and the unleashing of self-actualization are concepts inspiring the top leaders of the 21st century to cultivate human centered workplace cultures. Such workplaces are striving to model our very focus: humanizing leadership. At Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership we are redefining Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for the 21st century leader and organization. We are uncovering a paradigm shift in the way executive leaders and coaches pioneer change. Utilizing the work of Maslow and combining it with founder and thought leader Timothy Tiryaki’s work on humanizing leadership, we have created a whole new school of thought that pushes today’s leaders to reach their full potential, become the best version of themselves and in the process build self-actualizing organizations.  As a leadership and organizational development group, we offer executive coach certification programs (for both organizations and individuals), culture consulting and leadership development programs. We work with mid- to large-size organizations, executive leaders and seasoned coaches who want to step outside of their own comfort zone and realize their highest (and most altruistic) ability. We are currently in the process of having our programs become ICF accredited, but are happy to announce that our Leadership Coaching Certificate has received ACSTH status through ICF.  Get in contact with us to experience our modern take of Maslow’s work and be part of a 21st century shift in uncovering leadership potential and humanizing leadership.

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