If you’ve been reading the newsletters this year, you know that amongst all the membership drives, scholarships, trainer competencies, Code of Ethics revisions, Forum calls, the expansion of ACTO into other countries, and of course organizing the Conference…

… my big focus this year – and my passion – has been about moving the conversation forward about diversity, inclusion and belonging in the coaching and coach training professions.

How come?

As coaches, we are in a unique position, and have some special skills. We say our work includes: challenging people to achieve their highest potential, creating spaces where people can express and celebrate their whole selves, and supporting the illumination of blind spots (ours and others’) that might be getting in the way.

My assertion is that we cannot do our jobs without creating awareness around our own identity, our clients’, and the systemic issues that affect us all. As coaches, if we are to truly see and support our clients, we need to see them fully, and also see the water that all of us swim in.

As a profession, we are also wonderfully committed to ongoing learning and to self reflection.

Spring is here. A wonderful time to freshen up and decide what reinvention and growth will look like for you and your organization this year. What’s on the docket that will support you and your trainers to take a look at the water you’re swimming in? The ACTO Conference in June is a great start. A course or place to create dialogue? Or how about reading Blind Spot by Banaji & Greenwald or White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo??

I would love to hear what you and your school are planning or already doing. Email me at president@actoonline.org.

Here’s to seeing the water!

Halli MacNab
ACTO President