Happy 2015. I hope your year has begun well, and that 2015 will be a prosperous and generative year for you and your schools.

The purpose of this letter is to review a decision that the ICF Global Board made in July 2014 to launch an Accreditation Council. This Council has implications for the future of coach school accreditation, and you should be aware of what it is and why.

I asked a small group of ACTO – ACTP program  leaders to join me in a conversation with ICF (George Rogers) to discuss the Council. That group includes Marcia Reynolds, Peter Reding, Anita Van Vlerkin, Lynn Meinke, Terri Lupberger and myself. The following reviews the highlights of what we learned from ICF.


  • Create an independent but affiliated (with ICF) group that is responsible for setting and enforcing standards for coach training. This includes best practices, mentoring, observed coaching, curriculum, etc. The standards are founded on the ICF definition of coaching, core competencies, and code of ethics.
  • Be a resource for research including methodologies for teaching, preconditions for who would be a successful coach, future trends, cultural competencies, etc.

ICF is forming a design team that will lay a foundation for the Council. Besides creating a framework for the Accreditation Council, this team will determine a means to select its members. This team will likely launch during Q1 2015. Once the design is completed, the Council will begin its work.

ACTO is a steward of quality coach education and training, and as president of ACTO, I enthusiastically support this Council. I hope you will as well. ICF has included ACTO members in early discussions regarding the Council, and has invited us to continue in this very important conversation.

Change isn’t coming, it is here. And as teachers, trainers, and leaders in coach training and education, having an independent body that can objectively address the current and future standards for coach training is a welcome change in our profession. I believe this makes all of us better, more accountable, and better able to prepare future coaches.

Finally, I do hope you are planning to attend the 2015 ACTO Conference. Besides having a full line up of enticing educational offerings, we will also learn more about the PCC Markers and the impact they will have on our programs. Already we have members who are from both ICF and GSAEC who have registered. Additionally, George Rogers from ICF is attending. The networking and education will be invaluable for all of us.

Micki McMillan, President

Association of Coach Training Organizations