President’s Message: January 2022

Wishing all of us a joyful and prosperous 2022! No matter where we may be located in the world at this moment, we have all been impacted by the pandemic and also the current surge of infections through the Omicron variant. As I observe conversations with my colleagues, friends and family, I notice the [...]

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President’s Message: July 2021

Dear ACTO members, It is a pleasure and privilege to be able to serve you through the platform of an ‘evolving’ ACTO. There is much to accomplish in the times to come, and we invite and seek your active engagement. I chose to say yes to being the president at ACTO because it is a [...]

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President’s Message: May 2021

Legacy Planning – What’s in Your Future? Have you ever wondered what you would do with your coach training organization and associated intellectual property, a.k.a. your life’s work, if, and when, you decide to take a different path in your life?  While I don’t see retirement in my future, I do think about lightening my [...]

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President’s Message: April 2021

Growing Good Coaches Spring has arrived here in Washington, DC and, as much as I love sunshine, I am appreciating the rain today, knowing that beautiful flowers and budding cherry trees are not far behind. Spring is a time of growth and we are in the business of growing coaches. I applaud the diversity of [...]

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