2017 ACTO Conference: Creating the Outcome June 8-10, 2017

Breakout Sessions

We’ve selected the top presenters to address topics that will expand your training possibilities! See below for a preliminary list of topics and presenters. Keep an eye out for updates as we firm up the schedule and post details for each topic and presenter.

General Topic Topic Presenter
Inclusivity (continues Keynote) Creating Mutual Inclusivity: The Art of Making Coach Training Accessible to Students with Unique Abilities Eileen Blumenthal, PCC & ACTO Barton Cutter, ACC
Coaching Presence Inspired & Inspiring Outcomes: Strategic Use of Self for ROI Coaching Barbara Singer, MCC Dorothy Siminovitch, PhD. MCC & ACTO
Coaching Presence Use of Self in Coaching: What, Why, How (What Coach Schools are Teaching) Deepa Awal, PhD, PCC & ACTO
Group Coaching Expanding the Coaching conversation and Coach Training to Teams and Groups-Virtually Jennifer Britton, PCC
Group Coaching Group coaching Competencies: What’s Needed Dr. Pam Van Dyke, PhD, PCC, ACTO
Building a Coaching Business Their Success is Your Success: Why and How to  Teach Your Coaches to Get Clients Mary Cravets
Building a Coaching Business The Business of Coaching: Future Opportunities & Challenges Jayne Warrilow, PCC
Brain/Body Science and Practice Neuroanatomy of Change: The Role of the Body in Learning Amanda Blake, Master Somatic Coach
Methods & Practices Creating Visual Metaphoric Learning of ICF Core Competencies Deborah Mayer, PCC & ACTO
Methods & Practices Mantra Meditation & Transformative Coaching David Wolf, Ph.D., MCC, Satvatove, ACTP



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