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2017 ACTO Conference: Creating the Outcome

Joint ACTO/GSAEC Sessions

For June 10th we have planned a full day of deep immersion into concepts that can transform your teaching. The morning will kick-off with a captivating keynote by Dr. Richard Boyatzis, on “Effective Coaching for Sustained, Desired Change: Resonant Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, Compassion and Hope.”

Dr. Boyatzis’ keynote will be followed by immersion into some of the issues that we continually face as Coach Trainers:

  • Implementing the Concepts of Emotional Intelligence into Coaching: this workshop encourages participants to put into action what they learned in the keynote
  • Using Case Studies as a Teaching Tool: Linda Page and Marcia Reynolds will describe how to use the methodology and provide samples to use in your own training.
  • Global Diversity in the classroom: Two case studies will be presented that deal with difficulties in classrooms in the US, Europe, and China when faced with diversity, cultural differences, and quickly changing norms in society.
  • Stimulating Lunch Conversations: The cases just presented will be used to trigger lunch conversations about your own experiences. After lunch, the table groups will present a summary of their conversations
  • What is YOUR Challenge? Kathy Harman will present her own case study of a difficult situation she is facing with one of her students. Following the explanation of her dilemma, there will be a brief discussion of other dilemmas that arise while teaching. Using an Open Space format based on the dilemmas presented, participants will go into groups to discuss possible solutions to these common challenges found when training coaches. Each group will present their ideas for a final discussion with the entire assembly.

The day will be capped with a special dinner of both ACTO and GSAEC members, where we can relax and discuss what we learned, and what has opened up for us to further enrich our training programs.

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Joint ACTO/GSAEC Sessions