Training Human Leaders & Coaches: Context and Lived Experience side by side Elena Armijo & Liz Zdunich

One of the most common conversations from coaches in the world is around coaching being a privileged conversation.  Possibility and context currently are being presented as something easily understood by all and outside of lived experiences.  We will model integrating these two side by side to create a both/and in training and the coaching profession. The result of this will be opening up coaching to a wider range of humans, ahead of what the industry is currently doing.

Liz Zdunich graduated from Accomplishment Coaching, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation, and is Leader and Trainer for the Victoria Accomplishment Coaching program. She is also a teacher and coach, Master Trainer in THEGROOVE method, retreat leader, writer, business owner/operator and above all, a mum of two beautiful, bright lights. In her insatiable hunger for learning, she has accumulated an eclectic collection of certificates, a degree and some wisdom over the years. She has an absolute passion for supporting people in becoming aware of and leveraging their core strengths, and then transforming their deep soul desires into reality.

Elena Armijo, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator has a strong track record of supporting clients and organizations in creating impact, culture shifts and leadership development. As a leader and trainer with Accomplishment Coaching© and CHIEF Core Guide Facilitator, Elena continues to expand her work with teams across the world. Elena was inspired to become an Executive and Leadership Coach through her work as a professional opera singer. Elena’s ten-year career in opera spanned across the globe and included work with many prestigious opera companies as well as performances at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. B.M. of Music Education from New Mexico State University and an M.M. in Vocal Performance from the University of Washington.