Topic: The Shift Effect    Free registration, CCE pending.
Presenter: Tom Finn
Date: Feb 28, 2024,  8:00 US PT, 11:00 US ET, 17:00 CET, 21:30 IST (90 minutes)
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The Profound Impact of a Simple Coaching Technique and Small Shifts

This workshop pulls from the lessons of Mr. Finn’s experiences with 50 of his coaching clients, chronicled in his book, The Shift Effect (

Tom will discuss the conclusion he drew from these clients – that many of us tend to think and act in extremes.  Through examples drawn from the book, he will share a simple technique he used to evoke new awareness in his clients and to facilitate their growth in being able to positively influence situations that were stuck.

In the discussion, you are likely to meet some of Tom’s clients, such as the Talker, the Conflict Avoider, Men on the Warpath, Sweater Guy, and Ms. Right.  And then we will meet your clients, by practicing the continuum technique on situations that you surface.

All of us have clients that come to us with complex dilemmas; and yet, looking back, Tom realized that, in most cases, coaching clients who came in with complexity left with simplicity.  That is, the coaching interaction, through active listening and pattern recognition, often ended with small shifts that seemed simple but were profound in their impact – on the leader being coached, on his/her interactions, and on organizational results.

This workshop will be an exchange about that conclusion regarding small shifts.  It’s a conclusion that profoundly influenced Tom’s coaching mindset, and we will explore how that conclusion and the continuum tool affect your own coaching outlook.

Takeaway:  The idea is to leave you with a coaching tool that can elicit ahas while limiting defensiveness and improving leader influence.

Tom Finn helps leaders and organizations perform better.  He helps clients unlock behavioral and attitudinal patterns and make shifts toward greater influence and effectiveness.

He has been an executive coach and performance improvement consultant for over 30 years to clients such as The Argentine Education Ministry, The Weather Channel, NASCAR, and several US government agencies.

Tom is the author of the recently launched book, The Shift Effect.     The core ideas in the book emerged from real situations with Mr. Finn’s hundreds of clients.  Rather than being a theory applied, the reverse happened – repeated patterns in client scenarios revealed the tendency to think and operate in extremes and the viability of small shifts.

The Shift Effect is Mr. Finn’s second book.  He is the author of Are You Clueless? 7 Clues to Profit, Productivity, and Partnership for Leaders in a Multicultural World (Kells Castle Press, 2008).

He ran a retail business from startup to sale of the company in the early 1990s.

Tom is the Chair of the Board of Global Camps Africa (GCA).  GCA runs residential camps and follow-up Youth Clubs that transform the lives of some of the world’s most challenged kids from Soweto, South Africa.