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Sponsorship Opportunities

Being a Sponsor for ACTO is a great marketing move!

Together, the members and member schools of ACTO, through relationships with their students, graduates, staff and alumni groups, have access to thousands of coaches worldwide.

We are an active and dynamic community, built on the cornerstones of relationship and cooperation.

We are proud to welcome and foster partnerships with companies around the world who offer products and services that provide value and support to coaches in doing our important work.  The coaches that are part of our community cover a wide spectrum of experience and needs: from new coaches, just getting started with a practice or career to many of the elders and founders of the coaching and coach training profession.

Partner sponsorships of our organization are welcome throughout the year as well as at our annual conference.  Both provide rich opportunities to increase the visibility of your organization and the services you offer.

If your organization would like to find out more or have a conversation about designing a sponsorship that will be of benefit to you in reaching our extensive community of coaches around the world, please contact us at: sponsorship@actoonline.org.

To learn more about sponsorship at the upcoming conference, click here.