Louise Pitre & Indy Batth – Power in Coach-Client & Trainer-Student Relationships

Philippe Rosinski [1] suggests that it will be hard to coach clients effectively beyond stages the coach has yet to reach. In order to get powerful alignment, clients need to bring every part of themselves to the coaching. They do that in high trust, culturally aware and competent relationships. This requires us as coaches to do our own work.[2]  

In this workshop, our focus is to deepen our awareness of the interplay between coach and client/trainer and student identities, both the personal and social. Using Julie Diamond’s Power Intelligence® framework, we take power out of the shadows, identify our unique power print and explore how we can transform our coaching to become a more conscious and trusted ally for our clients and a spark for deeper organizational and community transformation.

[1] Rosinski, Philippe (2003) Coaching Across Cultures: New Tools for Leveraging National, Corporate &Professional Differences.

[2] Coaching for Transformation, pg 256.

Principal of Louise Pitre Coaching and Consulting, Louise brings more than 25 years’ executive leadership, coaching, facilitation, organizational development and social change experience working in the nonprofit sector. She is an internationally certified systems/team-based coach with CRR Global specializing in helping leaders and teams expand their understanding of power, privilege, equity and oppression. She is trained in Power Intelligence® and is a certified Diamond Power Index Coach. She is also trained in creative, arts-based processes like Theatre of the Oppressed with Theatre for Living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Louise holds a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry and Master’s degree in Health Administration from the University of Ottawa.


Indy Batth has over 20 years experience as an equity, diversity and inclusion educator and facilitator, previously in the post-secondary setting working with students (international & domestic), staff, faculty and professionals around the world, and currently in her own coaching, facilitating & consulting business.  Given her lived experience as an immigrant, and graduate studies focused on race, gender, health and physical activity, she views the world through an equity and anti-oppression lens.  She has been called a compassionate change catalyst – her presence is grounded in deep, generative listening with the intention of shifting and challenging the status quo.