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At Bhavana Learning Group, we develop leaders to cultivate learning cultures.  We integrate Western learning models with Eastern wisdom practices to support Coaches, Learning Professionals, and Executives. COACHES. Coaching today involves an expanded professional ethos that requires working with clients to cope with volatile change. We support experienced coaches in broadening their service portfolio. Our annual Listening Certificate increases awareness and deepens trust and presence through immersive learning and contemplative practice. LEARNING PROFESSIONALS. The pace of disruptive technological and organizational change has acutely impacted teaching and learning. We work with educators, HR directors, and adult development professionals to develop contemplative learning models to create and support sustainable learning cultures. EXECUTIVES. Our way of doing business must evolve to integrate social responsibility and cultural awareness into business strategy. Integrating these issues requires the mindset of a learning leader. We work with executives to grow their enterprise by developing an inclusive learning culture that includes all voices.

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