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Fifth Domain Coaching

In the field of leadership and executive coaching, it is thought that, no matter the sector or industry, “coaching, is coaching, is coaching…” However, as more people, at various levels of system, gain access to coaching support, it is becoming clear that social group identity can…and often does, factor into the coaching relationship. Coaching with identity in mind has become a front burner issue, not only for professional coaches, but also for those individuals and organizations offering coach training.  In fact, in 2019, the International Coach Federation (ICF) added the word “identity” to its Core Competencies in several locations, speaking to the importance of a coach’s ability to be sensitive to, understand and express respect for the fullness of their clients. As a result, many coach training schools and organizations have begun revising and updating their coach training curricula to include content that speaks to coaching with an identity lens.  However, what of the tens of thousands of coaches, worldwide, who were never trained to coach using this lens?  How will demographic changes and environmental changes, such as COVID-19, impact the coaching field in the months and years to come?  What can we, as coaches, learn today that will help truly connect with all of our clients in the future? Our writing and coach workshops address these questions. We coined the term Fifth Domain Coaching™ as there are typically 4 domains in which coaches are trained to intervene (Cognitive, Somatic, Emotional and Spiritual). The Fifth Domain model and tools prepare coaches to intentionally use the lens of social group identity in their coaching relationships.

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