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Silvia Richter-Kaupp

Business Coach IHK Practical, integrative Coach-Training-Program with worldwide Recognition Designed and conducted by some of the authors of the standard work ‘Business Coaching’, which has been published by the renowned publishing house GABAL, and operated by the Educational Center of the Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe In a Nutshell: Internationally accepted twenty-two day integrative coach-training-program for quality-oriented people in leadership functions (managers, entrepreneurs, human resources managers, consultants, trainers…) who strive to connect profitability with humanity Specific Characteristics of the Course: • Worldwide recognition (ACTP / ICF Accredited Coach Training Program) • Nonviolent Communication (NVC®) and Unique Positioning Strategy (EKS®) as basis • Main focus of attention is on the acquirement of an inquiring dialogic attitude • Soft enforcement to shine light on one’s identity and to find one’s place in the world  • Excellent toolbox from various schools (Systemic, Solution-focused, Cognitive Behavioral, NLP, NVC®, Transactional Analysis, Shadow Work...) thanks to an eclectic approach • Comprehensive supervision through coaches with very long-standing experience • Numerous individual- and group-mentor-coaching-sessions with a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) as mentors The Learning Target: At the end of the program our participants have the ability to lead people in a performance-oriented AND appreciative way and support others effectively with coaching or a coaching leadership-style. They have strengthened their communicative, analytical, social and emotional skills, utilized various coaching-methods/-tools and sharpened their personal profile.   Commenting Voices: I incorporated many of the introduced tools into my daily work routines as manager. I am much less egotistic and much more able to see other people’s needs. My altered inner attitude and communication style have led to an increased number of conversations with staff-members and colleagues who call on me with all kinds of topics – and to much more open and trustful dialogues and a dedicated and cheerful working-atmosphere.

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