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Coach In Institute, has extensive experience in training and support in the development of Coaching and Leadership skills, focused on providing robust training of core competencies at the professional level. We have developed an innovative, coherent and functional methodology that invites you to be fully involved in the process, ensuring that each stage of the training meets a clear and relevant purpose.International StandardsOur program is designed with the highest international standards in Professional Coaching training, aligned with key competencies and the International Coach Federation code of ethics.Certified TrainersTraining in key coaching skills requires the proper preparation of facilitating coaches, mentoring coaches and supervisory coachesHigh Impact LearningOur methodology proposes to learn from experience. Our complete program offers 175 synchronous hours of high impact training.Custom AccompanimentTraining is a process of deep and careful involvement, with the purpose of experiencing as a direct experience the achievement of goals and objectives. INTEGRAL TRAINING SYSTEMAn innovative methodology: Our Comprehensive Training System is designed with the purpose of generating a conscious learning that consolidates itself in tangible VALUE interventions in the approach to the coaching process. TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENTIAL LEVELThe Integration of the participant to the training experience is an invitation to transform their essence, their being, as a founding movement in learning new skills.  REFLECTIVE PRAGMATIC LEVELKey Coaching Competencies and International Standards: The reflexive pragmatic level proposes to give the coach the tools, resources and develop the skills that he requires, to take his practice towards professional standards.  EFFECTIVE CONTEXTUAL LEVELA valuable learning from coaching processes and projects: Coaching is a process and involves sustaining the commitment that generates results.  TRAINING COACHING PROGRAMAS: CERTIFICATION IN COACHING AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS: It is a program focused on the development of leadership and coaching skills, from the update of the identity of the leader coach and the effective application of strategies that allow him to allocate teams oriented to high performance.CERTIFICATION IN COACHING PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCES: The Program is aimed at professionals who wish to incorporate the practice of Professional Coaching of high standards into their current activity. The training comprehensively addresses the professional coaching competencies proposed by the International Coach Federation.CERTIFICATION IN COACHING  GROUPS AND TEAMS: Group learning is a positive catalyst for experiences and strengths. Team Coaching allows an active exchange dynamic that fosters learning, resilience and transformational processes.

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