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Molly Gordon

Molly Gordon is known to many of the founders of the profession as a "coach's coach." A visionary, she regards coaching as an emergent aspect of individual and collective evolution. A pragmatist, she is committed to grounding that vision in practices that comprise both artistry and technical skill for the sake of producing in their clients the insight and self-regulation they need to lead, adapt, and innovate."Molly Gordon is a breath of fresh air in the world of coaching. She's a master coach that brings depth, wisdom, and authenticity to her craft. Unlike many coaches who often tout quick fixes and high pressure sales, Molly invites you into the power of your own truth and knowing. Through this centered place, you can become an unstoppable force for taking inspired action in service of what truly makes you feel alive and on purpose. My work with Molly helped me to transform my business and my life in exceptional ways."  ~Terra Christoff, Women's Inspired Work & Life Coach 

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