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Blue Mesa Coaching

Blue Mesa Coaching offers an ICF approved ACTP and Coaching Mastery programs that are ICF CCEU approved. Our Transformational Coaching Program is ICF approved ACTP designed for those who want to coach in a business or organizational. We offer a combination of face-to-face and distance learning, and include individualized learning plans to address the specific needs of our clients. We cap our enrollment at 15 students/cohort. Masterful coaches are aware, engaged, and ready to facilitate conscious and effective action. This means they are in continuous pursuit of personal mastery, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and keen and precise understanding of the self. Our coach education programs provide the content, context, and application for coaches to learn this way of being, so they in turn, can coach organizational leaders effectively. We follow W. Edwards Deming’s approach to organizational transformation – he says, “Nothing happens without personal transformation”. Our programs promote self-awareness, consciousness, systems thinking, and creating meaningful and sustainable results that matter today and in the future. Blue Mesa Coaching offerings include:  Transformational Coaching Program Coaching Mastery Advanced Coaching Skills (ICF – CEU/CCE) Leadership and Executive Executive Coaching Group Coaching  Leadership Training  

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