ACTO Rights and Qualifications

Rights of Membership:

  • Each Organizational Member (school, training organization, corporation) may appoint 7 Representatives including the Primary Representative to ACTO.
  • Any of the Organizational Member’s Representatives are eligible to hold an Officer or Board position provided that 3 conditions are met:
    • The Representative is actively involved with the Member’s organization.
    • The Representative has assumed the Primary Representative role for the Member’s organization.
    • There is no other Representative from their Member’s organization holding an Officer or Board position that would be concurrent to their elected term.
  • Any Representative can serve on any working committee.
  • Any Representative can attend all Association conferences and membership business meetings. [Executive meetings and Board meetings are not open to members.]

Qualifications for membership

  • Join ACTO as an Organization (school, training organization, corporation) or as an Individual (sole practitioner not aligned with a training school or organization but teaches coaching skills) or as a Student of a current Organizational ACTO Member.
  • One organization can host more than one school, but the schools have to be identified with the one organization.
  • Have paid annual membership fees, as set by the Board. The ACTO Membership year runs for July 1 to June 30. Dues are due annually on July 1.
  • Similar to the profession of coaching, the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) and its membership criteria are evolving and subject to change.