Finding Our Humility: Inclusive Behaviors You Can Use in the Moment Deanna Troust

Professionals everywhere are being called upon to demonstrate the values of inclusion and justice and ensure their organizations do the same. When they inevitably struggle with exactly how to do that, they may consult their coaches for support. Are you equipped to help coach trainees recognize behaviors that perpetuate inequities and the dominance of the majority culture, while guiding clients to show up in a more inclusive way?

As a coach trainer, you have a unique opportunity to model and share key behaviors that can help foster inclusion – and it starts with recognizing and practicing them, yourself.

Informed by hundreds of leader and employee conversations and inclusion and diversity (I&D) strategy sessions, plus best practices from behavioral science and communications, this workshop explores what inclusive behaviors – and their absence — look like, and offers a supportive space for coach trainers to discuss their application. Via teaching, storytelling, scenarios and crowd-sourced solutions, the group will learn to recognize behaviors that perpetuate inequity, own them, adopt antidote behaviors and help their trainees do the same.

Deanna Troust is an expert in strategic approaches for building more inclusive cultures in workplaces and communities. As founder of 3 Stories Communications and a former Cook Ross consultant, she develops research-based inclusion and diversity strategies, leads workshops and coaches leaders for clients ranging from Mars to Carnegie Hall. With 20 years in social change communications and cultural competence guidance from Native leaders, youth of color, LGBTQ advocates, individuals with mental illness and more, Deanna helps leaders master the intentional, gracious communications that are critical to I&D success. A graduate of Cornell University, she also facilitates respectful community dialogues and improves access to quality information as part of her Truth in Common initiative and in partnership with Democracy Fund.