Topic: Developing Neurodiverse Coaches    Free registration, CCE pending.
Presenter: Dr. Joan van den Brink, PCC
Date: May 22, 2024,  8:00 US PT, 11:00 US ET, 17:00 CET, 20:30 IST (90 minutes)
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In this session I will explore how well we are embracing the uniqueness of neurodiverse individuals and supporting them to be effective coaches whilst being true to themselves.

Participants can expect to take away an increased awareness of our responsibility to create inclusive learning environments that support all participants of coaching programmes.

Joan’s life purpose is ‘to create intimate environments so that people thrive’. She fulfils this in numerous ways, as a consultant, executive coach host of online communities, and more. She is the author of, “The 3 Companions Courage, Compassion & Wisdom: the powerful keys to happier work and a more fulfilled life”, which is available in print, kindle, and audiobook formats. She is sought-after for the expertise, business understanding and insights that she brings to her work. Joan builds strong connections and relationships that enable openness, trust and vulnerability and unlocks powerful learning.