Lee Coffee – Coaching from a Position of Privilege

Lee N. Coffee, Jr., Believes “Everybody brings something to the table.”  In this session you will learn the number one secret to applying cultural humility. Coaching from a position of privilege can marginalize, minimize and ignore the various ways we Listen, Learn, Examine, Name and Summarize (LENS) people during the coach-student interaction. In some instances, coaches and/or educators look through the LENS of centuries of socialized behavior (e.g. sex-role socialization, ethnocentrism, homophobia, xenophobia etc.) while building alliances with affinity groups grounded in privileges.  As a former chairperson of the National Speakers Association, Diversity Professional Experts Group (PEG) and a distinguished graduate of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), Lee has helped countless leaders improve their “presence” with others.   Coach trainers and educators will also learn how you might apply experiences Lee has drawing from his 30 years’ experience facilitating courses ranging from cultural humility; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Diversity & Inclusion; Spirituality in Healthcare best practices, and strategies for humans to address unconscious bias.  Applying the concepts and skills from this session will help you leverage your coaching expertise.  If your desire is to maximize your coaching practice and get a good night’s rest, get your COFFEE early!

Lee N Coffee Jr. is a results-oriented organizational development professional with extensive experience designing and facilitating enterprise-wide organizational development, and employee relations programs. Specialized experience/ training in developing and implementing strategic Diversity and Inclusion business solutions focused on improving manager-employee relationships, work unit efficiencies, and work team performance.   Demonstrated ability to manage projects within diverse environments by building collaborative strategic partnerships with multiple stakeholders to achieve organizational effectiveness.  Able to identify individual and group learning needs, assess competency requirements for a broad range of jobs, create customized development strategies, and coach senior management for improved outcomes. Strategic thinker who is big-picture oriented but able to create tactical action plans to implement best practices. For a client list, please visit www.torescue.com