Christine Sachs – “Can’t You Just Take a Joke?” – Micro-Aggressions in Coaching

As coaches, it is our job to unblock our clients in order to help them achieve goals. What if the thing that is blocking them is us and our (undistinguished) biases? Biases, or micro-aggressions, can create a no-win coaching relationship. The coach and/or client builds resentments over time and then explodes when they can take no more OR where coach and/or client builds a reputation as no-sense-of-humor-strident- politically-hyper-correct-fussbudget. Neither of these situations supports us or our clients.  “Can’t You Just Take a Joke: Micro-aggressions in Coaching” will support coaches in providing the framework to begin to identify their undistinguished micro-aggressions and how to open a conversation about them in our training programs.

Christine Sachs, MA, MCC, is an Asian-American Leadership Coach and trainer based in New York City. She has coached executives and senior managers in a variety of industries and organizations, including international corporations, NGOs, and high-growth tech startups. Christine is especially skilled at working with executives in high-growth organizations. She is frequently called upon to work with European start-ups opening an office in North America. She supports the integration and leadership development required to cultivate an international and, oftentimes, remote team. In addition to her private practice, Christine trains coaches with Accomplishment Coaching. She holds a master’s degree from Washington University and lives in Manhattan with her husband, their daughter, and their cat Princess. You can probably guess who named Princess.