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President’s message: August 2019

What Does "Inclusion" Mean for Your Coach Training Program? The importance of inclusion in our coach training schools was the subject of a recent discussion I had with a colleague.  She asked me what I meant by the term "inclusion" which led me to wonder what inclusion means to each of us as coach trainers. When I look at the ACTO Stand, it is clear that "ACTO is committed to creating diversity, inclusion and belonging [...]

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ACTO Diversity Committee Update

A critical first offering from our Committee as a resource for ACTO members: Please make the investment in watching this video, with speaker Dr. Robin DiAngelo.  This serves so well in providing a place for us to come from, free from guilt or shame or defensiveness and to be in a place to receive and learn.  It will be of value whether you were at the 2019 ACTO Conference, or whether you were not, whether you [...]

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President’s message: July 2019

Earlier this month I presented at the Association for Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) conference in Boston, MA. Higher education professionals work tirelessly to support students with disabilities and are more enthusiast each year about integrating coach skills into their work. This year’s keynote speaker was Haben Girma, J. D., a leading advocate for people with disabilities. Haben is a woman of color and the first Deaf-blind person to graduate from Harvard Law School. She [...]

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President’s message: June 2019

When I joined ACTO over 9 years ago, my goal was to learn how to create a bigger, better, coach training program. And at my first ACTO Conference, I felt small, and rather intimidated, to be among the best and brightest in coach education. Yet I quickly learned that ACTO members were caring and insightful people who opened their hearts and their doors to my questions and concerns. Of course, as well-trained coaches, ACTO members [...]

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Whirlwind. That's the best word I can use to describe this year as ACTO Board President. We have moved many initiatives forward as a Board and as an organization this year. The one I am most proud of as an ACTO member, and that I believe will do the most to move the coach training and coaching professions forward, is the creation and publishing of the ACTO Stand for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. The act [...]

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