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President’s Message: February 2021

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” - Peter Drucker. Greetings and Happy New Year! Did you miss us in January? We did miss sharing about ACTO and all that is happening behind the scenes. 2021 promises to be an exciting year at ACTO but first, let us acknowledge the journey that 2020 has been. While 2020 was an unimaginably tough year, ACTO [...]

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President’s Message: December 2020

As I near the final half of my two-year presidency, I am thinking about my journey with ACTO and the highlights of my 10+ years of membership in this outstanding organization. What prompted me to join ACTO and attend an ACTO Conference? A mentor told me about this amazing conference where I could connect with other coach trainers, including many of the leaders in the field, and learn strategies to improve my first CCEU training [...]

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President’s Message: November 2020

Coach Training and Neurodiversity When searching the terms “Coaching and Neuroscience” on Google, it is easy to find pages of coach training programs that include concepts of neuroscience to teach coaches how to work more effectively with clients. What I noticed was the lack of information on how to teach adult students who are neurodiverse, have learning difficulties or executive function challenges. As a trainer who specializes in neurodiversity, I have skills and strategies at [...]

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President’s Message: October 2020

Slow Down Your Train, Please! It's October and I am still wondering what happened to September! Have you ever felt as though you were on a speeding train and realized that it was impossible to enjoy the scenery? Or in today's virtual world, feel like your head is literally attached to your computer screen? As coaches and trainers, most of us have the good fortune to work virtually. However, to keep our businesses growing, we [...]

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President’s Message: September 2020

Autumn is upon us in the northern hemisphere while summer has begun in the southern hemisphere. Seasonal polar opposites geographically and connected globally by our love of coaching and the desire to provide excellence in coach training to all of our students. To accomplish this, we need to understand our students. Who are they? What do they want out of their training, their careers and personal lives? What makes them unique- race, culture, gender preference, [...]

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