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President’s message: June 2019

When I joined ACTO over 9 years ago, my goal was to learn how to create a bigger, better, coach training program. And at my first ACTO Conference, I felt small, and rather intimidated, to be among the best and brightest in coach education. Yet I quickly learned that ACTO members were caring and insightful people who opened their hearts and their doors to my questions and concerns. Of course, as well-trained coaches, ACTO members [...]

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Whirlwind. That's the best word I can use to describe this year as ACTO Board President. We have moved many initiatives forward as a Board and as an organization this year. The one I am most proud of as an ACTO member, and that I believe will do the most to move the coach training and coaching professions forward, is the creation and publishing of the ACTO Stand for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. The act [...]

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What is “Belonging”?

Diversity and Inclusion are words that you probably have heard before, might have become familiar with, or even have solid ideas about how to create them in in your school or organization. But what about "Belonging"? In her article about “Belonging”, Montrece McNeill Ransom explains it this way: “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance; and belonging is being able to dance like no one is watching.”  Full article [...]

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It's about a month and a half from the end of my term as President of the ACTO Board, which will come to a close at the Conference in June. It's been an incredibly fast, and productive, year. This month, please join me in honouring the current Board, who have volunteered tirelessly and supported all the amazing work we have accomplished this year. In June, I will be honoured to turn over the reins to [...]

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If you've been reading the newsletters this year, you know that amongst all the membership drives, scholarships, trainer competencies, Code of Ethics revisions, Forum calls, the expansion of ACTO into other countries, and of course organizing the Conference... ... my big focus this year - and my passion - has been about moving the conversation forward about diversity, inclusion and belonging in the coaching and coach training professions. How come? As coaches, we are in [...]

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