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President’s Message: October 2020

Slow Down Your Train, Please! It's October and I am still wondering what happened to September! Have you ever felt as though you were on a speeding train and realized that it was impossible to enjoy the scenery? Or in today's virtual world, feel like your head is literally attached to your computer screen? As coaches and trainers, most of us have the good fortune to work virtually. However, to keep our businesses growing, we [...]

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President’s Message: September 2020

Autumn is upon us in the northern hemisphere while summer has begun in the southern hemisphere. Seasonal polar opposites geographically and connected globally by our love of coaching and the desire to provide excellence in coach training to all of our students. To accomplish this, we need to understand our students. Who are they? What do they want out of their training, their careers and personal lives? What makes them unique- race, culture, gender preference, [...]

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President’s Message: August 2020

The global impact of our prolonged health crisis ebbs and flows. Many of us did not expect that we would still be in the midst of it in August and do our best to turn off the news as reporters look ahead to the "prognosis" for the fall. Instead we can choose to take a deep breath and focus on our responsibility to keep our clients, students and businesses afloat. Not quite a Herculean task, but [...]

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President’s Message: July 2020

The Relevance of Coach Education in an Everchanging World The question of relevance as it relates to coaching and coach education has become a topic of conversation recently. What will it take for coach education to be, and stay, relevant, in the virtual world, which is no longer "a galaxy far, far away"? How will coach training organizations shift their model of doing business to be relevant to prospective students who are tech-savvy, invested in [...]

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President’s Message: June 2020

The 2020 ACTO Virtual Conference was a success! More than 200 coach educators and coaches joined together to share, learn and experience a shift in the direction of coach education as part of ACTO's commitment to the field of coaching training. What follows my message are a few experiences of those who attended for those who were unable to attend this year. With this Conference, we continue to realize ACTO's Stand, specifically as stated in [...]

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