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The 5 Myths that Keep Leaders from Coaching Their Employees

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC Training Director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute I teach coaching skills to leaders around the world. In class, they agree that they need to coach their employees more often. Then when I have following group coaching sessions to support their growth, most give the same old excuses for not practicing. Sometimes they admit that after trying once and feeling awkward, they haven’t tried again. At least when they allow themselves to [...]

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Road Map for Earning an ICF Credential

Our colleague, Svetlana Chumakova, founder and president of the International Academy of Coaching in Moscow, Russia, shared this wonderful chart with me. She graciously offered to share it with the ACTO members. I hope you can find it a useful tool to share with your students. You can meet Svetlana in person at the ACTO conference in Phoenix in June! We have many people coming from cities around the world. It will be an amazing [...]


By Micki McMillan Reflecting back on the past year as President for the Association of Coach Training Organizations, better known as ACTO, I realize that last minute decisions can turn into lifelong changes and one year is sufficient time to accomplish important goals. My role as President of ACTO unfolded when Joan King had to leave her position as President because her cancer re-occurred. Joan, a woman who had an eminence about her, was once the department [...]

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ICF PCC Markers

This blog requests that you engage and offer comments regarding the ICF PCC Markers. Volunteer coaches and staff from ICF have been working on these so that PCC coach candidates receive objective and effective evaluation and assessing for their credential. These markers have implications for the training schools, and to that end ICF is partnering with ACTO to communicate and educate our members at the annual conference in May. Please comment on this blog by [...]

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ICF Accreditation Council Update

Happy 2015. I hope your year has begun well, and that 2015 will be a prosperous and generative year for you and your schools. The purpose of this letter is to review a decision that the ICF Global Board made in July 2014 to launch an Accreditation Council. This Council has implications for the future of coach school accreditation, and you should be aware of what it is and why. I asked a small group [...]

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