Maeve O’Byrne – Awareness, Adaptation and Acceptance – Working  Within Indigenous Community Agencies

The session will use stories to illustrate challenges that may appear when working in indigenous organizations that employ indigenous and non-indigenous people.   We will discuss how coaching can support more understanding relationships as well as the importance of examining beliefs and biases of all groups, including those of the coach.  With the permission of clients we will use actual conversations to discuss how a coaching conversation can trigger emotions long forgotten or illuminate habits and practices that illustrate deeper feelings that the client may need to deal with before moving forward.  We will discuss tools and strategies, as well as why flexibility has been important in helping me support clients through their professional challenges.

Maeve O’Byrne, MAIS, PCC, CEC is a certified executive coach and consultant from BC. Canada.  With a long background in NGO management, Maeve coaches leaders and emerging leaders through change, as well as personal/career transition using the Third Act program.  She also works with organizations on succession planning and employee transition.  A supporter of Human Rights and diversity, Maeve has been involved in a number of campaigns and programs that support refugee and migrant rights around the world. She can be contacted by e-mail: or through her website