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Presenter: Jeffrey L. Cosby
Date: September 28, 2022, 8am PT/11am ET (90 minutes)
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Did you know your heart has its own central nervous system? In fact, western scientists now understand that our hearts send more signals to the brain that the brain sends to the heart. The heart is the source of our connection to a consciousness greater than the ego. And when we connect to our heart, we gain greater control over our well-being. We can lower our stress levels, reduce anxiety, gain clarity and access to creativity, induce better sleep, and reconnect with our own internal guidance.

So, how can we gain greater access to our heart?

After 35 years of transformational training and coaching, I began to explore the use of breathwork to access the heart and thereby states of consciousness. What I have found is that breathwork has profound benefits for both the coach and the client. For this workshop, we’ll focus on the benefits to the coach.

Benefits of breathwork for the coach:

  • Expands the ability of the coach to hold space for the client. As we know, context is critical in creating a powerful and productive coaching relationship.
  • Enhances our coaching presence so that we are fully present, open, curious, and confident.
  • Create a deeper connection with clients by helping us transcend duality/separateness and experience a sense of oneness. Thereby, building greater levels of trust.
  • Experience greater coherence between heart and mind. This enhances our ability to listen to what is being said and to what is not being said.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the value of breathwork (you may already be doing some form of breathwork), experience a breathwork process and allow time for sharing and questions. I look forward to the opportunity to be with you.

Jeffrey L. Cosby

Jeff Cosby brings over 45 years of unique experience as a successful executive, master facilitator and coach in the areas of leadership development, change management and personal transformation.  In 1995 Jeff established The Avalon Group, TAG, which provides executive coaching as well as customized training programs in the areas of leadership development, coach training and personal transformation. Throughout his career Jeff has been successful in building and managing three highly successful international training/coaching organizations.

Jeff’s life purpose is to empower individuals and organizations to manifest their unique contribution in the world. As a master trainer, Jeff has designed and led high impact trainings for over 250,000 people throughout the world. He is recognized as the creator of the world-renowned personal transformational program, Mastery. Thousands of people from Asia, Europe, North and South America continue to participate in this powerful learning opportunity. After 25 years of success, the principles and context of Mastery continue to be at the core of The Avalon Group’s work.

Jeff graduated from Purdue University in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management. He has appeared as a speaker at numerous forums internationally. Jeff obtained his Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a member of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).