Topic: The ICF Perspective on Competency #2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset    This forum is FREE for members, members must login to access the member registration link.  CCE approval pending.
Presenters: George Rogers, ICF Director of Quality Assurance Credentialing and Program Accreditation & Teresa J Pool, MCC ACTP Director of Training UT Dallas
Date: February 24, 2021, 8AM PST/11AM EST
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Teresa Pool and George Rogers will co-explore the eight ICF abilities that comprise the Embodies a Coaching Mindset competency. Open Q&A at the end will focus on how this competency will be measured by the ICF and the potential influence on training programs.

George Rogers serves as the Director of Quality Assurance for the International Coaching Federation. Since 2007, George has provided direction for the operation and enhancement of ICF’s credentialing programs. His focus is on developing and implementing standards and procedures that ensure that ICF credentials are of the highest possible quality and align with globally adopted standards for organizations that operate credentialing programs. During George’s tenure, with the assistance of staff and ICF coach volunteers, credential holders’ number and quality have continued to grow in all world regions. At present, more than 30,000 individuals hold one of ICF’s three credentials. George holds a Masters in Educational Administration and has completed advanced training in the areas of personnel certification and the accreditation of educational programming. He is certified by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence as a Credentialing Specialist. George lives in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Teresa Pool is an executive coach dedicated to unlocking the potential of individuals, teams and the senior executives leading them. As a Master Certified Coach, President and CEO of Transitions for Business, and ACTP Director of Training for the Executive Coaching Program at the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management, elevating the performance of each client and training the next generation of master coaches seeking the path to sustainable coaching excellence. Teresa lives in Plano, Texas, USA.